sorry, can't help it! i think these posts are so much fun.

how do you look right now? yo.

what do you want to be when you grow up? neurosurgeon, architect or somehow work with interior.

someone famous you would you like to have a coffee with? wes anderson or david lynch. they're both my definition of awesome.

what's your biggest fear? losing all my teath, and then rub my gums together. can't think of a freakier feeling.

your favourite kind of food? strawberries!

your worst quality? i overthink too much.

something that annoys you. bad vibes.

what does your dream apartment look like? light, clean spaces, minimalistic and modern yet cozy + not a single trace of shabby chiciness.

what did you have for dinner last night? sushi! 

what was the last thing you bought? undies.

your best party trick? jeg kan tale lidt dansk. 

an awkward fact about yourself. i have a playlist on spotify with music from glee only. my fave is boogie shoes. can't believe i just put this on the internet.

if you could only eat one kind of sandwich for the rest of your life, which would it be? first of all, best question ever! however, the combination of sourdough bread, almond butter, strawberries and banana... aaaamazing. could seriously have this for breakfast for the rest of my life.

best movie this year? pulp fiction! "does he look like a bitch" "what?" boom. brilliant.

something on your bucket list. learn the single ladies dance with my homeboy marsell. we would be so fierce (read: painfully awkward). or roll around in a fat suite with my buddy lisa (embracing our true selves).

a quote that represents you. je ne sais pas. pretty much, haha.

if you could choose a super power, what would it be? being super fast. almost like sonic.

hottie of the year? hendrix will always be my number one. but you know, naveen andrews or a young al pacino. mhm. good stuff.

favourite scent? sunkissed skin. but if we're talking perfumes, see by chloƩ and pepper jasmine gaiac wood by korres are my absolute faves. btw, isn't the packaging design amazing? love the texture and the details. so unique and extremely well made.

when do you feel like a million bucks? whenever he looks at me with that adorable smile. i'm going asdkjhsjdf every time.

on top of your wish list? a money tree or a time machine to the 12th of june! i can't wait till i graduate!

an obsession. warmth and sunshine. i wish i could hibernate during the winter.

your favourite place? underneath the olive tree in our villa in st cyprien.

something that makes you happy. when hard work pays off, eating (<3) and listening to music with really good sound.


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happy valentines day! it's one of my favourite days of the year. so from me to you... a gif of my all time favourite hottie. boys and girls, enjoy!



lush, you save lives. thanks.